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VMA's fabrication department includes a team of expert TIG and MIG welders. This highly skilled group is MIL certified to AWS D17.1 (D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, & D1.6) and is ready to take on your most demanding projects. This team is experienced in maintaining tight tolerances, meeting weld penetration requirements, and providing the craftsmanship needed for cosmetically pleasing parts.


Our welding leadership works closely with our tool makers and cnc programmers to develop the fixtures necessary to yield consistent results. We can work with your engineers to further develop your product's performance or to cost reduce it to make it more marketable.

We have recently purchased a Thermal Arc Ultima 150 Plasma welding system. This state of the art Plasma welding machine in combination with sophisticated fixturing produced in house will allow VMA to take on more intricate welding projects that require the fine arc control that can be achieved with Plasma welding.