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From small conductors to large bundled harnesses, we do the job. Provide the schematic and we'll engineer the nodes into discrete wires to a neat multi-branch harness that will connect every point of your product or system. Whether its a multi-cable assembly or a simple or complex wire connectivity requirements with your due date, and allow VMA engineering "harness" it together. We will engineer form your schematic a wire cut list and point-to-point run sheets from for efficient production throughput. We will test every harness. If specified, we will pull test every termination.

Quality is in every conductor and termination or it will not move into process. Terminations are semi-automatic with our AMP K-Press line with specific AMP applicators. We presently have 57 different termination applicators to suit specific AMP tape-n-reel terminations. Our harness production has provided harnesses for numerous industries: military, commercial, and automotive.